Sunday, March 4, 2012

Writing a summary

Writing a good summary is not an easy task to do. You will need to express in few words as much content as you can. Here are some links -most of them thought for English speakers- to help you with this task:

After that, visit TIME Ideas section, choose an article of your interest and try to summarize it using the comments option of this blog.

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  1. He elegido este articulo:


    In the article “Living in the Moment: The Latest Marketing Meme”, Martin Lindstrom told us about his experience while sitting in a café eavesdropping a conversation. He notices that the tentacles of technology are too erosive to the present. And some news events like the death of Steve Jobs or Whitney Houston remind us that the life is fragile and we should cherish every moment.

    Some marketers have realized that this notion could be used to sell products. In 2005, there was also a study proved that “creating a sense of ´urgency´ increases purchases”. Even in Hollywood, has replaced its famous aphorism to a new one, “living in the moment”. And the Buddha had also told us that we should “concentrate the mind on the present moment”.

    The author thinks that some brands will absorb this idea as their marketing strategy.