Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some tips to work on your listening skills...

This entry is devoted to those of you interested in practising and improving your listening skills. Apart from watching TV in English, reading specialized magazines or listening to the radio in English, you may also know that there it something called "ITunesU", an application developed by Apple, that you could download to your computer (it does not matter if it is not a Mac) and you could listen to lectures delivered by English speaking professors in other Universities.

Once installed the programm, click on ITunesU, on the left list, and select that option:

After that, click on one of the icons (podcasts), for example the second one, and subscribe to any of the tracks...

Once downloaded the video or audio file to your computer, you could listen to it or pass it to your Iphone, IPad, etc.

Any other suggestion to practise your listening? (Use the "comments" option to write...)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Letter of complaint II

Read the following article ( taken from The Daily Telegraph about the best letter of complaint sent by a Virgin client. What do you think about it? Have you enjoyed it? Read other articles related to this topic that appear on the same website.

Letter of complaint

For this first task I would need at least two people, the first one to write a letter of complaint (as a costumer) and the second one to reply (as the personal working in a travel agency). Imagine that a couple of just married have just returned for their honeymoon. They have planed one of the most luxurious romantic routes around the world and most of the booked products failed or would not follow their expectations.

To have a more clear idea on hoy to write a letter like this, here you are some links for you to practice and learn a little bit more: (different images to know more about the structure of a well done letter of complaint)

Remember to use the comments option to this activity. Don't forget to peer-review your work after writing both letter.

Welcome message

Welcome to this blog created to help you to practice your writing skills. We have set up this blog for you to enrich your learning with collaborative activities by means of cheking other students works, what is called "peer review" in the academic world. This way, we hope we could encourage all of you to write in a more appropriate manner. Also, you will have to oppotunitity to watch some videos taken from the web in order to answer to very simple short questions about points dealing with the topic of this subject so that you could acquire in a better way all you have learnt in each unit. By reading some of the feeds on the right corner you will keep informed of some of the most relevant news dealing with tourism. Enjoy this blog and participate!