Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some tips to work on your listening skills...

This entry is devoted to those of you interested in practising and improving your listening skills. Apart from watching TV in English, reading specialized magazines or listening to the radio in English, you may also know that there it something called "ITunesU", an application developed by Apple, that you could download to your computer (it does not matter if it is not a Mac) and you could listen to lectures delivered by English speaking professors in other Universities.

Once installed the programm, click on ITunesU, on the left list, and select that option:

After that, click on one of the icons (podcasts), for example the second one, and subscribe to any of the tracks...

Once downloaded the video or audio file to your computer, you could listen to it or pass it to your Iphone, IPad, etc.

Any other suggestion to practise your listening? (Use the "comments" option to write...)


  1. Hello,
    I don find "itunes u" in my itunes.
    You can help me?

  2. Hi Francesc,

    it's located on the black "navigation bar", before "Ping". Can you see it now?

    María Jordano